weekend recap: russian, globes, & goggles
11 January 2010, 12:22 am
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This may be the first weekend recap I’ve done on Sunday, weird. Some highlights:


  • post-work run at the beach. it turned out to be the last one, at least for now… as I found out on friday (!) that the temporary office-by-the-beach is moving back to the old space to accommodate another person. I’m really kind of sad about that. I didn’t realize how much I had nestled into the neighborhood- I have a running route, favorite lunch spots, and knitting buddies. I guess it’s one more reason to move to santa monica asap.
  • came home, had yummy tahini turkey leftovers, relaxed and watched a few episodes of generation kill (hbo miniseries from the creator of the wire)


  • cheese pancakes (a la joy of cooking) for breakfast, errands
  • hung my new birdfeeder!
  • got some pretty sweet screenprints from steve in the mail, along w/ a new waffle iron from my mom
  • bought some frames (buy one get one for 1 cent!) and scored a globe (which i’ve been hunting for) and some good books at out of the closet- reyner banham’s architecture of four ecologies, a walking LA book, and a cooking light cookbook. love random successful thrift store stops.
  • delicious dinner with nathan and jackie at traktir, a russian restaurant down the street we’ve been meaning to try. in fact, on our first day in weho, we wandered into their deli to grab a bite and realized it was an actual restaurant, so we decided we’d go back another time. amazing how time flies.
  • more generation kill + knitting


  • resumed swim lessons. hooray!
  • resumed farmers market. hooray!
  • went to the library to get some work done- and to get a library card [fyi, the beverly hills library rocks, they have a coffeeshop attached and let you bring coffee in. amazing]
  • avatar at the arclight dome. i was expecting greatness, but it still blew me away. per all the reviews, the story was nothing spectacular, but the visuals are unlike anything i’ve ever seen. a definite must-see.
  • got caught up on photos and blog drafts. mmmm, or not. fell asleep w/ book in bed- now that sounds more like it…