20 December 2008, 9:25 am
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Ahh. Sheetz cappuccino. Excuse me. I meant Cupo’ccino. One of the best things about PA. Sheetz, you ask? What is this Sheetz?

Sheetz is a gas station/convenience store founded in Altoona, PA. But wait! It’s so much more.

Where eastern PA-ers are WaWa happy, and will endlessly argue their superiority, western PA-ers bond over their Sheetz-s. They consider MTO’s (made-to-order subs) a perfectly good dinner, and of course wouldn’t think of filling up at any other gas station. They get excited when they are driving through, say, North Carolina and a Sheetz pops up! In fact, most don’t realize they are insane until talking with a Sheetz virgin, and find themselves trying to excitedly explain exactly why these red-roofed havens are just so fantastic. Maybe it’s the level of nostalgia that comes with going into a Sheetz. Or maybe it’s just that adding an “sh” or “z” to all products (i.e. Bagelz, Schmuffins, Schmiscuits) somehow makes it more delicious.  And did I mention coffeez are free on Christmas/New Years Day?

This is what a small town will do to you. Crazy, I know.


and what i choose is my choice
4 December 2008, 12:37 pm
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Recently, in a conversation about which all time, old school bands couldn’t be missed in concert, I decided the Rolling Stones are probably at the top of my list. U2, Oasis, and the Smashing Pumpkins were also mentioned.  So, when we saw that the Smashing Pumpkins would be in town for their 20th (!) Anniversary Tour, we decided to take a little trip back to the 90’s and visit ol’ Billy Corgan.

First of all, what kind of concert starts on time with no opening act?!  Is this a west coast thing or what?  We left at 8 for an 8:15 start, thinking we had plenty of time to get there while the opening act did their thing. We slid into our nosebleed seats at 8:45 and realized we had missed the beginning- which, after checking the set list later, we learned had been a good 1/2 hour.

You go to a concert expecting some level of new stuff, mixed in with beloved “I know this song in my sleep” tunes.  But as he somewhat adorably informed the crowd, Billy Corgan is nobody’s bitch.  Which means he rushed through some of those beloved tunes, then exhaled and rocked out  with incredibly looong instrumental numbers for most of the second half.  I found myself thinking, just put the damn tambourine down and SING, Billy!  Even if I don’t know the song, your voice is way better than this… music.  The worst part is that the crowd kept waiting for him to finish jamming and segue into a killer song… and it just never happened.

All in all, the good was excellent enough to outweigh the bad.  But what did I learn? I am admittedly a nostalgic fan.

How about you? Who would you absolutely love to see in concert?