123009: crosswords and coffee
12 January 2010, 10:32 pm
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photo of the day

Every morning ought to start with crosswords and coffee.


20 December 2008, 9:25 am
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Ahh. Sheetz cappuccino. Excuse me. I meant Cupo’ccino. One of the best things about PA. Sheetz, you ask? What is this Sheetz?

Sheetz is a gas station/convenience store founded in Altoona, PA. But wait! It’s so much more.

Where eastern PA-ers are WaWa happy, and will endlessly argue their superiority, western PA-ers bond over their Sheetz-s. They consider MTO’s (made-to-order subs) a perfectly good dinner, and of course wouldn’t think of filling up at any other gas station. They get excited when they are driving through, say, North Carolina and a Sheetz pops up! In fact, most don’t realize they are insane until talking with a Sheetz virgin, and find themselves trying to excitedly explain exactly why these red-roofed havens are just so fantastic. Maybe it’s the level of nostalgia that comes with going into a Sheetz. Or maybe it’s just that adding an “sh” or “z” to all products (i.e. Bagelz, Schmuffins, Schmiscuits) somehow makes it more delicious.  And did I mention coffeez are free on Christmas/New Years Day?

This is what a small town will do to you. Crazy, I know.