weekend recap
15 December 2009, 11:34 am
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  • on friday, went to surfas in search of valrhona white chocolate (success!). also scoped out the global knives we put on our christmas wishlist… drool.
  • holiday party at george’s music industry prof’s house. easily the biggest house i’ve ever been in- insanely huge and lavish, to the point of ridiculous. but what a nice, humble guy. he owns the motor chair from xmen and has a secret comic book annex. enough said.
  • on saturday, I woke up to pouring rain… dragged myself out of bed and ran the christmas 5k w/ rosalie. not a good run by any stretch, but still fun.
  • came home and got warm, decided that staying home by the cozy tree was the way to go.
  • decided to go for the canon 20d that natalie is dropping. considering a) I can’t afford the camera I really want, and probably won’t be able to for some time, and b) what I could afford now would be a lesser model than the 20d [although new], I think this will be the perfect starter DSLR to start to teach myself more. merry christmas to me!
  • new moop bag (birthday gift!) was delivered. woot!
  • more knitting, christmas shopping, and wrapping gifts, then we made latkes and watched it’s a wonderful life. LOVE that movie.
  • sunday, late morning yoga class, followed by a brief stop at the farmers market. what an excellent sunday combination.
  • housewarming party in long beach. got lost at the docks and found myself among a ton of shipping freights as the sun was setting, it was pretty surreal…
  • grocery store on the way home for gingerbread house ingredients.
  • usual sunday night blues about the beginning of the week. is it vacation time yet?

110809: run stacey run
12 November 2009, 10:16 am
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I absolutely have a love/hate relationship with running. I’m not a natural, I’m not fast, and I’m okay with that. So, I have never been a “runner,” but post-college I have had a few cycles where I slowly, slowly build up my endurance enough to begin to enjoy the act of running (to typically lose it a few months later). Something brings me back. This time, with some encouragement from friends, and an inspiration to run for a close-to-home cause, was just the blend that I needed to get out there. The runners high afterward was amazing… almost enough to make me crave more.


the light in this photo makes me want to take many more photos at 7:30 am.


the starting line


george caught me at mile 3, almost done…


seriously happy to be finished. look at that ponytail.

weekend recap
9 November 2009, 12:14 pm
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  • trader joes run after work. low key night hanging out/cooking with george. per usual, I was exhausted from the week and fell asleep super early. :) definitely becoming a friday tradition…


  • woke up early, early enough to catch the end of college gameday (hooray kirk)! during that I finally finished seaming the bolero, sewed in all the ends, and also fixed a hole in the ugly socks I made awhile ago, so I can finally call those finished. washed and blocked them both. ready for a new project…
  • george made a yummy spicy potato latke-egg-salsa breakfast with our leftovers from friday’s dinner.
  • watched the penn state-ohio state game with ohio state fan nathan. overall depressing and boring, ugh. and oregon lost too! well, at least notre dame lost…
  • after that, jackie and I went to check out the ymca in hollywood. I really liked it actually, aside from all the basics they have a pool (with adult swim lessons), racquetball, and a good number of yoga classes, and she definitely liked it for the childcare. considering I am working in santa monica, and moving there is definitely a possibility, I’m trying to figure out if it is easy to transfer, etc. it’s hard to rationalize joining a gym when it is possible to exercise outdoors all year, but I definitely miss being able to just go zone out on the elliptical with a magazine/tv.
  • then we went to the beverly center to cash in on victoria’s secret november biofit bra discount (thanks angel card!). I ended up splurging on a bare escentuals ‘kit’ at sephora after realizing one foundation was as 1/2 as much as a kit. tsk tsk tsk.
  • got home and the boys had decided to order pizza (after no pressuring from us, of course).


  • up early for the race for research- my first 5k! i was very pleased with my results- I certainly didn’t set any records but I met my goal of running the whole thing. yay! realized my nike+ is not calibrated correctly, finishing my 5k at 4.3k? so I guess that means I’ve been running farther than I thought. look forward to keeping it up.
  • brunch nearby at bistro du soleil in playa vista. very yummy rancheros, and delicious coffee.
  • quick stop at the good beer store in marina del rey before heading back home so george could watch the pats (while I napped happily).
  • I realized I picked up the wrong size bra, and decided to go exchange it… only to get to the mall and realize that I didn’t have my license (which apparently VS needs for an exchange- even after raising hell w/ the manager). arg. I had also been wanting to go jeans shopping, so I did that instead. in the midst of doing that, I found a pair of dark grey ankle boots that I loved at ann taylor- and decided to splurge, knowing I could return them (seriously, wtf is wrong with me!?). went home and got my license (+george) and went back to have dinner and exchange. on a whim we walked into aldo and I saw ANOTHER pair of ankle boots that was 1/2 the price and I decided I liked even more- and is easier to walk in! so excited to get a pair of boots that I can actually wear w/ skirts and pants- my ‘muscular’ calves aren’t very conducive to many tall boots :)
  • longest day ever. went to bed at NINE! looking forward to a four day week- seattle here we come!