weekend recap: set, stew & rain
18 January 2010, 10:38 am
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Wow, it was a hectic week. In the good I’m-busy-at-work and had-plans-in-the-evening kind of way. The weekend called for some recharging, and turned out to be a pretty good balance of getting some stuff done and relaxing. Some happenings:

  • a few competitive games of set
  • some 2010 trip scheming over indian food
  • the conclusion of generation kill
  • got frames for the nikki mcclure prints bought last week at the giant robot gallery
  • a few cappuccinos worth of work at insomnia cafe
  • reliving a roadtrip through photos [trying to select some to print?]
  • a swimming lesson [this week, practicing arms]
  • a new running route
  • a sunday photowalk plan foiled by the rain [?!]
  • replaced with cozy football + knitting
  • and a delicious beef stew [only missing a crusty baguette]
  • a new iron chef + photo editing

The five-day forecast is: rain rain rain rain rain.


weekend recap: russian, globes, & goggles
11 January 2010, 12:22 am
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This may be the first weekend recap I’ve done on Sunday, weird. Some highlights:


  • post-work run at the beach. it turned out to be the last one, at least for now… as I found out on friday (!) that the temporary office-by-the-beach is moving back to the old space to accommodate another person. I’m really kind of sad about that. I didn’t realize how much I had nestled into the neighborhood- I have a running route, favorite lunch spots, and knitting buddies. I guess it’s one more reason to move to santa monica asap.
  • came home, had yummy tahini turkey leftovers, relaxed and watched a few episodes of generation kill (hbo miniseries from the creator of the wire)


  • cheese pancakes (a la joy of cooking) for breakfast, errands
  • hung my new birdfeeder!
  • got some pretty sweet screenprints from steve in the mail, along w/ a new waffle iron from my mom
  • bought some frames (buy one get one for 1 cent!) and scored a globe (which i’ve been hunting for) and some good books at out of the closet- reyner banham’s architecture of four ecologies, a walking LA book, and a cooking light cookbook. love random successful thrift store stops.
  • delicious dinner with nathan and jackie at traktir, a russian restaurant down the street we’ve been meaning to try. in fact, on our first day in weho, we wandered into their deli to grab a bite and realized it was an actual restaurant, so we decided we’d go back another time. amazing how time flies.
  • more generation kill + knitting


  • resumed swim lessons. hooray!
  • resumed farmers market. hooray!
  • went to the library to get some work done- and to get a library card [fyi, the beverly hills library rocks, they have a coffeeshop attached and let you bring coffee in. amazing]
  • avatar at the arclight dome. i was expecting greatness, but it still blew me away. per all the reviews, the story was nothing spectacular, but the visuals are unlike anything i’ve ever seen. a definite must-see.
  • got caught up on photos and blog drafts. mmmm, or not. fell asleep w/ book in bed- now that sounds more like it…

weekend recap: snow, socks, & spring cleaning
6 January 2010, 11:55 pm
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The first weekend of the year was, well, exhausting and kinda productive. Luckily it was tacked onto the end of a relaxing holiday in PA, and I still had a few days at home before having to go back to work. A vacation after a vacation = always necessary.

I woke up super early on New Years eve and drove to the airport in a snowstorm with my dad, first stopping by for a brief breakfast visit with my friend Amy. Meeting up with her before my return flight is turning into a great tradition. After a pretty hellish day of travel (PIT to DEN to PHX to LAX- please remind me NOT to even consider three-leg trips in the future- what was I thinking?!), I finally got back to LA and shed my winter coat. We had plans to go out with some friends, but after I showered and sat down for a minute, I could barely keep my eyes open. Champagne toasts and cuddling wasn’t such a bad way to ring in a new decade.

On New Years Day we on the watched the Capital One Bowl (Penn State v. LSU, PSU wins with a late field goal 19-17) and hung out with Nathan and Jackie. They told us all about their wedding a few days earlier, and we were really sad we couldn’t be there to share it with them. Looking forward to the after party they’re hoping to have in the summer.

Then, it all began with new socks. George pulled out his sock drawer and started tossing old worn ones. I pulled out my sock drawer and began sifting. Opened the underwear drawer. More tossing. Before we knew it, we were both knee deep in clothes, shoes, and other random crap that that we were ready to part with.

Before we knew it, we had cleaned out and re-organized our whole closet and started on the storage closet and the kitchen cupboards. By weekend’s end, we were so stoked to have a very clean, very pared-down, very organized apartment. G is an incredible force in parting with things, the perfect match to my usual packrat self. We wholeheartedly agreed that it was a fabulous way to start the new year… we may have created a new tradition!

Other weekendings included de-decorating the tree (sad), going for a run, and christening our new dutch oven with lucky pork & sauerkraut- a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

weekend recap
21 December 2009, 12:44 pm
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my apologies, as of late the blog has been all weekend recaps. I guess I really haven’t made time for much more, and they are easy to write. :) while I know you are just DYING to know how I spend my weekends, that’s pretty lame! that said, here’s another one… full of eggnog, new toys, and super mario bros!


  • got home from work, packaged up some of the peppermint bark and made royal icing for our gingerbread house mortaring.
  • had our holiday dinner w/ nathan and jackie before our small gingerbread house party, which was really fun! baking the gingerbread pieces the night before was a good idea, even though it was rather time-consuming. after talking to my mom, she told me that we used to make them with graham crackers, which is kind of brilliant! even though everyone made fun of me for buying WAY too much decorating candy, it was awesome to have such a, shall we say, varied material palette. :) after a few rounds of wall constructing/munching/roof constructing/munching/decorating, we finally set up our old school nintendo and were pleasantly surprised that it actually worked! AND mario brothers is still amazing. remember the warp zones? secret vines? spit balls?!?!
  • after our guests left, we poured ourselves some eggnog and nestled in by the tree for some gift exchanging. yay!


  • slept in, made some breakfast, started cleaning up our unwrappings, and got ready to take g to the airport.
  • just as we were about to leave the house, we saw online that the chicago-boston leg had been cancelled! we started to get in the car while he called the airline, just in case, and miraculously within 5 minutes, they rescheduled him for the next day. totally impressive.
  • luckily, I was still able to make it to iyengar yoga in santa monica like I had planned, but getting across the city on a saturday reminded me how just frustrating LA can be. and, it only got worse as we drove out to mira loma to meet natalie, evan, and my new camera! what should have been about an hour trip turned into over two hours, but we finally made it. ate lots of wings and watched the kind of insane saints-cowboys game with the world’s most annoying woman. after EVERY play, she would scream/whistle in this incredibly high pitched voice. arrg earplugs, please!
  • bummed we had to cancel our plans to see up in the air, but there was no way we could have made it back in time. we picked up a last minute christmas gift at target, since it was right there, and then headed back to LA.
  • drooled over the camera for a few minutes, then watched wall-e [a birthday gift!] and drank more eggnog :)


  • take two for getting george to boston. this time his flight[s] were a go, but the airport was [unsurprisingly] insanely crowded. thankfully he made it, and he was on his way to cold weather.
  • came home and started a massive cleaning and laundry feat + football. caught up on photos. started reading about/playing with the camera… eek, I have a lot to learn!
  • went to gallery 1988 to check out the lost exhibit (at steve‘s not-so-gentle nudging), and they were closing, but I got lucky that there was a woman buying one of the pieces, so I got to look around briefly while that was going on.
  • MORE eggnog and pizelles with nathan and jackie.

3. more. days.

weekend recap
15 December 2009, 11:34 am
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  • on friday, went to surfas in search of valrhona white chocolate (success!). also scoped out the global knives we put on our christmas wishlist… drool.
  • holiday party at george’s music industry prof’s house. easily the biggest house i’ve ever been in- insanely huge and lavish, to the point of ridiculous. but what a nice, humble guy. he owns the motor chair from xmen and has a secret comic book annex. enough said.
  • on saturday, I woke up to pouring rain… dragged myself out of bed and ran the christmas 5k w/ rosalie. not a good run by any stretch, but still fun.
  • came home and got warm, decided that staying home by the cozy tree was the way to go.
  • decided to go for the canon 20d that natalie is dropping. considering a) I can’t afford the camera I really want, and probably won’t be able to for some time, and b) what I could afford now would be a lesser model than the 20d [although new], I think this will be the perfect starter DSLR to start to teach myself more. merry christmas to me!
  • new moop bag (birthday gift!) was delivered. woot!
  • more knitting, christmas shopping, and wrapping gifts, then we made latkes and watched it’s a wonderful life. LOVE that movie.
  • sunday, late morning yoga class, followed by a brief stop at the farmers market. what an excellent sunday combination.
  • housewarming party in long beach. got lost at the docks and found myself among a ton of shipping freights as the sun was setting, it was pretty surreal…
  • grocery store on the way home for gingerbread house ingredients.
  • usual sunday night blues about the beginning of the week. is it vacation time yet?

weekend recap
7 December 2009, 3:03 pm
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full-on christmas cheer this weekend. george was tied up with pesky finals, but I was free to enjoy the december weekend.


  • spent some time fighting with the pilot light on the heater, as it has been annoyingly chilly in the apartment. the lack of insulation makes it literally warmer outside.
  • christmas tree shopping!! I will never get over how much trees, even tiny ones, cost in LA. I guess that’s the small-town-most-years-i’ve-cut-down-my-own-tree in me. whatever, it’s worth it.
  • falafel at the farmers market, followed by a craft beer run to whole foods (we found some good ones…)
  • came home and hung out, then natalie and lucas crashed with us after doing an LA photo shoot


  • brunch at house of pies in los feliz, before natalie and lucas headed back to san diego
  • did some shopping in los feliz, then made the mistake of making a target run… not fun on a saturday in december.
  • tried to take the camera to a repair shop, but alas, the legend repairman luis only works during the week.
  • came home & decorated the tree with our new ornaments and lights!
  • ordered indian take out (crown of india, of course) and finally watched away we go. such a cute movie. <3 john krasinski.


  • early morning iyengar yoga w/ rosalie. first time trying yogaworks, so we were able to sign up for 2 weeks for $30. first time trying iyengar too, and the sweat factor was a little low. still sore today, but I prefer a more fast-paced practice.
  • larchmont farmers market and peet’s coffee
  • came home and made breakfast pasta carbonara, pretty tasty
  • after that it was full-on santa’s-elves-go-crazy mode- stamping, calligraphying, knitting, cutting, pinning, all to the tune of christmas albums. george emerged from studying and was astounded at my capacity to make such a mess of my desk/the entire living room/dining table in just a few hours… good times. i blame the fresh pine scent of the christmas tree.
  • laundry, indian leftovers, and finding out our change jar was full enough to cash in for our beehive blender! what to save for next?

weekend recap: thanksgiving
2 December 2009, 11:37 am
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Thought I posted this on Monday. Hehe. Thanksgiving was a success- the six of us had an excellent time cooking, baking, talking, eating…  G & I dragged our table into the living room, then set up a buffet in the ‘dining room’, aka where the table is normally. Whatever, you’ve gotta make do with what you have, right? After a fun meal, we took a stroll to the movie store, rented Coraline and Away We Go, and came back for dessert and some sleepy movie watching. I even managed to finish sewing the festive table runner I started the night before!

Some other highlights from the weekend:

  • a friday at-home happy hour of wine, cheese, and grapes +  gin rummy
  • a few craft store runs to gather some christmas gift ingredients
  • catching up on photo editing- check out the seattle set here and photos from our solstice canyon hike here
  • watching a thrilling steelers game (despite the loss, dennis dixon played pretty well under pressure)
  • hanging out with a friend visiting from DC
  • baking yummy herb whole wheat bread with the massive amount of fresh herbs we had left over (rosemary, sage, thyme + nutmeg)
  • a lot of errands
  • a lot of leftovers