110609: make a wish
9 November 2009, 9:58 pm
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photo of the day

Tossing a penny and making a wish never gets old.


wednesday words
4 November 2009, 4:49 pm
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  • I’m in a good mood today. Actually getting dressed “up” is a good thing. “Up” meaning tights and a skirt. It’s really tough to care when you work one-on-one with someone who isn’t even around half the time.
  • Looking forward to a knitting meetup tonight at the Urban Craft Center (oh so dorky!), followed by Top Chef dinner with Nathan and Jackie. Hoping to finish binding off my bolero and sewing in the loose ends. Might work on George’s tie after I’m done.
  • Loving “my” new 27″ iMac at work, its so big and fast and is working (almost) seamlessly between pc (autocad) and mac land. Makes me REALLY want one at home!
  • Already thinking about planning our Thanksgiving menu. I have to say, Jackie and I had a blast last year and are looking forward to it again. There is something really grown up and fun about hosting.
  • Wondering if I should try running in the morning tomorrow in preparation for Sunday. Alternatively, if I get to work early, I can run at the beach before it gets dark… which is much preferred. Decisions decisions.
  • Really dying for some little ankle boots. They’d be the perfect mix between super dressy shoes and my go-to flats.

365 | 091409
21 September 2009, 4:55 pm
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photo of the day

I have the fall bug. I get it every year. It’s my favorite season. I miss New England’s crunchy leaves, crisp air, apple crisp, apple pie, apple cider, apple picking. So I baked an apple pie to get a little fall fix.

And speaking of cider, thank you, Modern Hiker, for pointing out that Californians have a very skewed view of what apple cider is. I remember last year, in preparation for Thanksgiving, trying to find apple cider everywhere… and coming up short time and time again. As an east coaster, I’m baffled by this.


Thank you.

tuesday thoughts
15 September 2009, 11:51 am
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Lunchtime thoughts:

  • Incredibly sad about Patrick Swayze (Act like I don’t LOVE Dirty Dancing. And Ghost.)
  • Crossing off to-do’s in my moleskine may be one of my favorite things ever.
  • Glad Roger Federer lost (I know, I’m a bad person).
  • Work is picking up; I may even get a new office buddy.
  • I heart the new google sports calendars that automatically know what time zone I’m in. No more subtracting 3 hours from the game time.
  • Thinking about the yummy veggie lasagna I’m going to make tonight.

reminiscent of fall
24 August 2009, 11:58 am
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Taken in January, the closest the west coast gets to a fall season.

It’s been cool here on the west coast, which is kind of nice, since fall is my favorite season. It’s got me thinking of cardigans, scarves, and football. It’s always at least 10 degrees cooler at the beach than it is ‘inland,’ and as I’m driving to work in the morning I can see the cloud cover at the coast as I near. In fact, the weather forecasters always provide three forecasts for the southland: the beaches (too “cold”), the valleys (too “hot”), and downtown (juuust right).

I was talking with a California-native friend recently and I found myself telling her about fall in New England- apple picking, crunchy colored leaves, crisp air, hot apple cider, boots with tights and skirts. And did I mention football? Since moving to CA, my ‘always dress in layers’ wardrobe hasn’t exactly reflected the change in locale. It should really include slouchy dresses, cotton skirts, more sandals. More than one bathing suit. More than one pair of sunglasses. Can you tell I haven’t been shopping in a long while?!

true fact
19 August 2009, 10:39 am
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image via someecards.com

TED Talk: Alain de Botton
16 August 2009, 9:57 pm
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Lately I’ve been watching TED talks while I have breakfast- they are a fun and mentally stimulating way to start the day. I rather like this one by Alain de Botton, author of “Architecture of Happiness” and “How Proust Can Change Your Life.” Props to WordPress for enabling TED talk embedding.