122909: glove love
12 January 2010, 10:31 pm
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photo of the day

Modeling the finished fingerless gloves.


malabrigo love
25 November 2009, 9:42 am
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I want them all.

weekend recap
23 November 2009, 11:54 am
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On Friday after work, I had planned to run, but I had some stuff to finish at work and quickly lost my window of light [on a side note, my getting to work early and running while there is still light in the afternoon is working out pretty well- except for days like this]. After work, we were going to go to a beer tasting event at Blue Palms, but ended up just going for drinks at Lola’s instead. Then we decided it was finally time we tried Oki Dog, a hot dog stand on Fairfax near us. And it was exactly as expected, haha.

On Saturday morning, we hiked Solstice Canyon [6 miles or so]. We found ourselves reminiscing about Boston on the trail, and then we randomly ran into someone that G went to high school with- It’s a small world sometimes. Anyway, it is probably one of the most interesting hiking trails I’ve been on in LA. There are ruins of an abandoned house tucked into the canyon that was mostly consumed by fire in 1982, but you can still see many parts of it- the fireplaces, oven, some walls. It’s definitely fun to imagine what the floor plan was based on the ruins- it kind of felt like stepping into Pompeii again. The best part was the waterfall that ran through the site, and a perfectly-intact Virgin Mary statue. We probably spent about an hour there exploring before hiking back out. The rest of Saturday was pretty lazy- watched the thrilling Oregon game [go ducks!], worked on a gift, tried to do some online xmas/birthday shopping [unsuccessfully].

On Sunday, I went to the farmers market for some Thanksgiving shopping, then came home and planned the menu with Jackie. Note to self: do not plan a Thanksgiving menu while hungry. Ha! Our problem this year was that we didn’t want to give up on the dishes we loved from last year, but still wanted to make new dishes, too. Which means that we ended up with an even bigger menu than last year! [George and Nathan started to make some comments from the couch but then decided better of it.]

After that I went to Michael Levine, a huge fabric store in the fashion district downtown. Unfortunately I was really hoping to go to the Loft store above it [which sells fabric by the pound] but I found out they aren’t open on Sundays. So I ended up in the main store instead… so huge and amazing, I could spend hours in there. Since they close early, I ended up not having enough time to pick buttons and snaps AND fabric, but I got a few yards to start some projects and will definitely be going back. They have good yarn too, ah!

Came home and made a shopping list for the rest of Thanksgiving, then went to the store. Between the two of us dividing the list and tag teaming, we hammered it out in less than 30 minutes. Just need a few items from WF, but we’re mostly ready to go. After making some dinner/lunch, I sewed on the buttons/knitted button holes for my mom’s cowl. I was initially going to seam it together and just make the buttons decorative, but then I realized my mom would hate to put it over her head and decided to make them functional. I’m totally pleased with the result, especially for such an on-the-fly quick knit- I’ll show you photos soon! [Photo editing/posting is one thing I did not do this weekend… I at least wanted to get through the rest of my Seattle batch!]

Looking forward to two four-day weeks coming up… though I definitely wish they were shorter.


110709: fini
10 November 2009, 4:12 pm
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photo of the day


“A project is never finished” is a lesson I learned in architecture school. Thankfully, with knitting, that’s not the case.

weekend recap
9 November 2009, 12:14 pm
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  • trader joes run after work. low key night hanging out/cooking with george. per usual, I was exhausted from the week and fell asleep super early. :) definitely becoming a friday tradition…


  • woke up early, early enough to catch the end of college gameday (hooray kirk)! during that I finally finished seaming the bolero, sewed in all the ends, and also fixed a hole in the ugly socks I made awhile ago, so I can finally call those finished. washed and blocked them both. ready for a new project…
  • george made a yummy spicy potato latke-egg-salsa breakfast with our leftovers from friday’s dinner.
  • watched the penn state-ohio state game with ohio state fan nathan. overall depressing and boring, ugh. and oregon lost too! well, at least notre dame lost…
  • after that, jackie and I went to check out the ymca in hollywood. I really liked it actually, aside from all the basics they have a pool (with adult swim lessons), racquetball, and a good number of yoga classes, and she definitely liked it for the childcare. considering I am working in santa monica, and moving there is definitely a possibility, I’m trying to figure out if it is easy to transfer, etc. it’s hard to rationalize joining a gym when it is possible to exercise outdoors all year, but I definitely miss being able to just go zone out on the elliptical with a magazine/tv.
  • then we went to the beverly center to cash in on victoria’s secret november biofit bra discount (thanks angel card!). I ended up splurging on a bare escentuals ‘kit’ at sephora after realizing one foundation was as 1/2 as much as a kit. tsk tsk tsk.
  • got home and the boys had decided to order pizza (after no pressuring from us, of course).


  • up early for the race for research- my first 5k! i was very pleased with my results- I certainly didn’t set any records but I met my goal of running the whole thing. yay! realized my nike+ is not calibrated correctly, finishing my 5k at 4.3k? so I guess that means I’ve been running farther than I thought. look forward to keeping it up.
  • brunch nearby at bistro du soleil in playa vista. very yummy rancheros, and delicious coffee.
  • quick stop at the good beer store in marina del rey before heading back home so george could watch the pats (while I napped happily).
  • I realized I picked up the wrong size bra, and decided to go exchange it… only to get to the mall and realize that I didn’t have my license (which apparently VS needs for an exchange- even after raising hell w/ the manager). arg. I had also been wanting to go jeans shopping, so I did that instead. in the midst of doing that, I found a pair of dark grey ankle boots that I loved at ann taylor- and decided to splurge, knowing I could return them (seriously, wtf is wrong with me!?). went home and got my license (+george) and went back to have dinner and exchange. on a whim we walked into aldo and I saw ANOTHER pair of ankle boots that was 1/2 the price and I decided I liked even more- and is easier to walk in! so excited to get a pair of boots that I can actually wear w/ skirts and pants- my ‘muscular’ calves aren’t very conducive to many tall boots :)
  • longest day ever. went to bed at NINE! looking forward to a four day week- seattle here we come!

weekend recap
19 October 2009, 2:27 pm
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  • friday night lights: a football game at fairfax high (go lions!). i was super excited to go to a game, which we’ve been wanting to do since last season. i was a little bummed that the weather was still so hot, because to me football games mean sweaters, jeans, boots and hot chocolate! I still wore a light sweater, jeans, and boots, but george wore a tshirt, shorts, and flipflops. I almost made him change. anyway, the game was a really good time, especially seeing the marching band, hehe. in the 4th quarter there was suddenly a commotion at the top of the stands and practically a stampede to get away. it turns out a girl was pepper sprayed (still unclear why?), and a lot of confusion ensued as someone tried to get her out of the stands to recover. the most disturbing part about the whole thing was that an ambulance or police didn’t really show up to help for at least 30 minutes. the poor girl puked on the side of the football field (?) with people doing what they could, just waiting for someone with authority to show up. we were stunned that there wasn’t already an ambulance on site- what if something more serious had happened?
  • afterwards we hit up mr. pizza, randomly recommended from a park ranger on our last camping trip. it was pretty good, but the search is still on for an excellent pizza joint in LA.


  • got up early and took the car to the honda dealer for an airbag recall, oil change, and tire rotation (no car for a day, gasp!).
  • bussed it back home and got a domo slurpee from 7-11! george made quinoa scrambles and we hung out and watched some football. of course we were stuck with the ucla-cal game instead of penn state, but I caught a few glimpses of the snowy ‘whiteout’ in state college in the highlights. can’t believe it actually snowed enough to shut down some tailgating fields.
  • almost finished my bolero during the usc-notre dame game… weaving in all the ends might take some time after I actually finish the knitting part though- I think I used almost 7 balls of yarn.
  • dodged the honda dealers “well you really should replace your….” call, and went to pick up the car.
  • waited for it to cool down before my 5k run/walk- still improving.
  • made a sweet potato + apple bake with a soy-honey sauce. the sweet potatoes really soaked up the flavor, which alone was a little overwhelming, but with a bite of pork really worked.
  • went to see where the wild things are at arclight, a pretty fantastic movie all around. james gandolfini was perfectly cast as the voice of carol, once you got over the fact that tony soprano was a wild thing, of course! i definitely agree with the critique that smaller children might find it a little scary, which is kind of a bummer since we all know its possible to successfully make a kid-and-adult friendly movie (ahem, pixar). one of the critics on rotten tomatoes said “this is a movie for adults who used to be kids,” which in the end is pretty accurate. despite that, it was a beautiful, touching movie that really brings you back to living room forts.


  • jackie and i went to the hollywood farmers market (since the weho one was canceled for the aids walk), which is always pretty hectic. finds of the week are probably squash, big juicy pears, and kettle corn.
  • gave shana the thumbs up on her lovely seating chart presentations for her wedding next weekend! hooray!
  • random errands and trader joes. bought a new tiny jade plant!
  • the rest of the day was spent apartment cleaning, smoothie making, and photo editing. finally posted my photos from amy’s wedding here.

how a sewing machine works
30 September 2009, 1:48 pm
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via swissmiss via dossierstudio