weekend recap: set, stew & rain
18 January 2010, 10:38 am
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Wow, it was a hectic week. In the good I’m-busy-at-work and had-plans-in-the-evening kind of way. The weekend called for some recharging, and turned out to be a pretty good balance of getting some stuff done and relaxing. Some happenings:

  • a few competitive games of set
  • some 2010 trip scheming over indian food
  • the conclusion of generation kill
  • got frames for the nikki mcclure prints bought last week at the giant robot gallery
  • a few cappuccinos worth of work at insomnia cafe
  • reliving a roadtrip through photos [trying to select some to print?]
  • a swimming lesson [this week, practicing arms]
  • a new running route
  • a sunday photowalk plan foiled by the rain [?!]
  • replaced with cozy football + knitting
  • and a delicious beef stew [only missing a crusty baguette]
  • a new iron chef + photo editing

The five-day forecast is: rain rain rain rain rain.


123109: a years end
12 January 2010, 11:43 pm
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photo of the day

First, a toast to Gammie [George’s grandmother] who turned 102 on Dec 31. She is an incredible woman.

I started the year off at the Rose Bowl, unemployed and a little lost in a new city. I landed a job on the same day as our new president. Saw the Steelers win their sixth Super Bowl. Saw some friends get married, celebrated from afar for others. Visited Las Vegas and San Diego, fell in love with Seattle. Passed the LEED exam. Ran my first 5k. Hiked in Joshua Tree and Big Bear. Saw the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (who knew it’d be such a brief gig). Broke a world record. Explored our new home. Saw a project I worked on for two years completed. Saw a project I worked on for two months completed. Celebrated a double birthday at Disneyland. Took a photo every day. Fell even more in love.

Thanks 2009- here’s to a new year!

to do: january
8 January 2010, 12:36 am
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In considering some yearly goals, I may have gotten a little overambitious with the monthly ones. But I must say, I really like making monthly lists… and posting them seems to hold me at least semi-accountable for them.

  • update portfolio
  • make lofty photobloglistwebsiteetc-ish goal more achievable
  • budget for yoga (time and $)
  • find a 10k, start a training schedule
  • work on 30/30 list
  • pay a visit to h&r block to learn about contractor taxes
  • do an electronic purge- rss reader, email listserves, facebook, iphone apps
  • keep a log of ‘free time’ activities (in an effort to see where it all goes)
  • complete 5 of keri smith’s ‘100 ideas

december recap
4 January 2010, 3:38 pm
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December was another whirlwind of a month…

  • talk to canon about fixing the uber-annoying blue line on the camera’s lcd screen/image sensor–  I started the month with the hope that I could maaaybe get the point and shoot fixed, and I was lucky enough to end up with a dslr much sooner than I expected! still going to attempt to have the powershot fixed, which means mailing it to illinois for a few weeks for an estimate.
  • finish 30 before 30 listhmm, this kind of got lost in the shuffle… rolling this over to january.
  • renew my passportgot photos and filled out the application yesterday, and mailed at lunchtime! really sorry to have to lose my italian visa, it was so beautiful.
  • brainstorm/work on a photo websiteI brainstormed a little, but this was just too lofty of a goal for such a busy month.
  • spend a few minutes meditating each day (you know, just being still/quiet and not always DOING something)- I give myself about a B+ on this one. definite room for improvement.
  • make/find gifts that bring cheercheck, I think :)
  • find a way to get excited about architecture/professional life again ?!
  • make peppermint bark check!
  • make gingerbread housescheck! (I like these easy, baking-oriented goals :)

nytimes year in ideas
22 December 2009, 9:26 am
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The Ninth Annual Year in Ideas

I especially like the Cul-de-Sac Ban.

via nytimes magazine

teux deux
11 December 2009, 1:50 pm
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via swissmiss and teuxdeux

Loving this new collaboration between swissmiss and her studio partner Fictive Kin– a simple browser-based to-do app. I especially like the ‘someday’ section, perfect for downloading lofty ideas. Signing up is definitely on my teux deux list.

25 Best LA Stores for Gifts
4 December 2009, 1:11 pm
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via apartment therapy

25 Best LA Stores for Gifts via Apartment Therapy LA. Note to self.