365 | 100309: neon love
6 October 2009, 10:30 am
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photo of the day

Mmmm, Amoeba.


weekend recap
28 September 2009, 11:12 pm
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  • a run at the beach, which is turning into a fun friday tradition. i definitely tend to push myself more there, i guess since the scenery is so much better and the path just keeps on going… i think i need to reevaluate my running route in west hollywood, I tend to get stuck within a few key busy streets that i don’t like to bother crossing. or maybe i’ll just start running in santa monica more, since the sun is disappearing earlier anyway.
  • finally went to canter’s deli. we split some delicious matzo ball soup and reubens (leftovers for lunch today, yum). (by the way, is it weird that we got saltines with our matzo ball soup?)
  • followed by a game of scrabble (i lost, but had a good a-m-e-o-b-a + l-i-b-i-d-o combination) and a few rounds of set, forgot how incredibly fun and addictive that game is.


photo of the day


  • yummy egg-and-whatever-leftovers-are-in-the-fridge scrambles
  • planned on going to the red bull soapbox race, but it just didn’t happen. probably better, since it was close to 100 degrees downtown. instead i whipped up smitten kitchen’s cheesecake marbled brownies (i just couldn’t resist any more). they are amazing. though my swirls weren’t quite as beautiful as deb’s.
  • headed to barney’s beanery for the penn state/iowa game. pretty awesome that it’s within walking distance, and just so happens to be the penn state bar (with a 25% discount for alums, whee!) awesome atmosphere (complete with citizen’s bank buttons!), but the game was shitty. ugh. iowa is officially our nemesis.
  • natalie finally made it from san diego for the end of the game, and then we went home to “nap” before getting up at 2am for our sleepover in hollywood forever cemetery and the sunrise Bon Iver show…


photo of the day




  • we got to the cemetery and there were already a ton of people camped out, so we spread out our sleeping bags and nestled in for a showing of bottle rocket, planet earth, and (in my case) a little snoozing. a thick layer of fog rolled in around 4 or so, and hung around for the rest of the morning. at 5:30 we were ‘gently’ nudged awake by buddhist monk chants, and Bon Iver started their set around 6am. having a sunrise concert in a cemetery was seriously one of the best ideas ever, and made what would have been an already amazing concert even better. natalie took some great photos for pitchfork.
  • after swapping banana bread and brownies (score!), she headed back to san diego, i took another nap.
  • got up a few hours later for my swimming lesson!
  • urth cafe for some coffee, and then more napping. football. scrabble. did i mention napping? (seriously, how did i make it through school?)
  • made some golabki and called it a weekend.

and what i choose is my choice
4 December 2008, 12:37 pm
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Recently, in a conversation about which all time, old school bands couldn’t be missed in concert, I decided the Rolling Stones are probably at the top of my list. U2, Oasis, and the Smashing Pumpkins were also mentioned.  So, when we saw that the Smashing Pumpkins would be in town for their 20th (!) Anniversary Tour, we decided to take a little trip back to the 90’s and visit ol’ Billy Corgan.

First of all, what kind of concert starts on time with no opening act?!  Is this a west coast thing or what?  We left at 8 for an 8:15 start, thinking we had plenty of time to get there while the opening act did their thing. We slid into our nosebleed seats at 8:45 and realized we had missed the beginning- which, after checking the set list later, we learned had been a good 1/2 hour.

You go to a concert expecting some level of new stuff, mixed in with beloved “I know this song in my sleep” tunes.  But as he somewhat adorably informed the crowd, Billy Corgan is nobody’s bitch.  Which means he rushed through some of those beloved tunes, then exhaled and rocked out  with incredibly looong instrumental numbers for most of the second half.  I found myself thinking, just put the damn tambourine down and SING, Billy!  Even if I don’t know the song, your voice is way better than this… music.  The worst part is that the crowd kept waiting for him to finish jamming and segue into a killer song… and it just never happened.

All in all, the good was excellent enough to outweigh the bad.  But what did I learn? I am admittedly a nostalgic fan.

How about you? Who would you absolutely love to see in concert?

new (re)found glory
1 October 2008, 11:46 pm
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okkervil river: the stand ins

sigur rós: með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

It’s been at least two years since I’ve purchased an actual, physical CD.  Downloading and purchasing songs, yes, but actually going to a music store?!  Lately though, I’ve been missing music, and Pandora just wasn’t cutting it.  Enter Amoeba.  Recently, the behemoth music store was voted the greatest thing about LA by LA Magazine.  Over Disneyland. Over the beach. Over the weather.

After happily browsing and splurging, I got back in the car (this is LA, remember) and it occurred to me that I don’t own a CD player that is not my laptop.  Except, that is, in the car.  How convenient.

Ahhh, LA just got a little better.