weekend recap
21 December 2009, 12:44 pm
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my apologies, as of late the blog has been all weekend recaps. I guess I really haven’t made time for much more, and they are easy to write. :) while I know you are just DYING to know how I spend my weekends, that’s pretty lame! that said, here’s another one… full of eggnog, new toys, and super mario bros!


  • got home from work, packaged up some of the peppermint bark and made royal icing for our gingerbread house mortaring.
  • had our holiday dinner w/ nathan and jackie before our small gingerbread house party, which was really fun! baking the gingerbread pieces the night before was a good idea, even though it was rather time-consuming. after talking to my mom, she told me that we used to make them with graham crackers, which is kind of brilliant! even though everyone made fun of me for buying WAY too much decorating candy, it was awesome to have such a, shall we say, varied material palette. :) after a few rounds of wall constructing/munching/roof constructing/munching/decorating, we finally set up our old school nintendo and were pleasantly surprised that it actually worked! AND mario brothers is still amazing. remember the warp zones? secret vines? spit balls?!?!
  • after our guests left, we poured ourselves some eggnog and nestled in by the tree for some gift exchanging. yay!


  • slept in, made some breakfast, started cleaning up our unwrappings, and got ready to take g to the airport.
  • just as we were about to leave the house, we saw online that the chicago-boston leg had been cancelled! we started to get in the car while he called the airline, just in case, and miraculously within 5 minutes, they rescheduled him for the next day. totally impressive.
  • luckily, I was still able to make it to iyengar yoga in santa monica like I had planned, but getting across the city on a saturday reminded me how just frustrating LA can be. and, it only got worse as we drove out to mira loma to meet natalie, evan, and my new camera! what should have been about an hour trip turned into over two hours, but we finally made it. ate lots of wings and watched the kind of insane saints-cowboys game with the world’s most annoying woman. after EVERY play, she would scream/whistle in this incredibly high pitched voice. arrg earplugs, please!
  • bummed we had to cancel our plans to see up in the air, but there was no way we could have made it back in time. we picked up a last minute christmas gift at target, since it was right there, and then headed back to LA.
  • drooled over the camera for a few minutes, then watched wall-e [a birthday gift!] and drank more eggnog :)


  • take two for getting george to boston. this time his flight[s] were a go, but the airport was [unsurprisingly] insanely crowded. thankfully he made it, and he was on his way to cold weather.
  • came home and started a massive cleaning and laundry feat + football. caught up on photos. started reading about/playing with the camera… eek, I have a lot to learn!
  • went to gallery 1988 to check out the lost exhibit (at steve‘s not-so-gentle nudging), and they were closing, but I got lucky that there was a woman buying one of the pieces, so I got to look around briefly while that was going on.
  • MORE eggnog and pizelles with nathan and jackie.

3. more. days.


weekend recap: thanksgiving
2 December 2009, 11:37 am
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Thought I posted this on Monday. Hehe. Thanksgiving was a success- the six of us had an excellent time cooking, baking, talking, eating…  G & I dragged our table into the living room, then set up a buffet in the ‘dining room’, aka where the table is normally. Whatever, you’ve gotta make do with what you have, right? After a fun meal, we took a stroll to the movie store, rented Coraline and Away We Go, and came back for dessert and some sleepy movie watching. I even managed to finish sewing the festive table runner I started the night before!

Some other highlights from the weekend:

  • a friday at-home happy hour of wine, cheese, and grapes +  gin rummy
  • a few craft store runs to gather some christmas gift ingredients
  • catching up on photo editing- check out the seattle set here and photos from our solstice canyon hike here
  • watching a thrilling steelers game (despite the loss, dennis dixon played pretty well under pressure)
  • hanging out with a friend visiting from DC
  • baking yummy herb whole wheat bread with the massive amount of fresh herbs we had left over (rosemary, sage, thyme + nutmeg)
  • a lot of errands
  • a lot of leftovers

25 November 2009, 3:27 pm
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Made me laugh. Perfect when you find yourself baking for pumpkin pie haters (ahem, george, nathan), but know yourself that Thanksgiving cannot be complete without them. Maybe I’ll employ this method next year instead of baking two different pies… but then there’d be less pie! Oh, pie dilemmas!

apple cider doughnuts=a must make
19 October 2009, 1:55 pm
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image via smittenkitchen.com

image via smittenkitchen.com

Of course Deb over at smitten kitchen posted a recipe for apple cider doughnuts. I would expect nothing less. I really have to make these. I will blame my crusade to find fall on the west coast.

weekend recap
28 September 2009, 11:12 pm
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  • a run at the beach, which is turning into a fun friday tradition. i definitely tend to push myself more there, i guess since the scenery is so much better and the path just keeps on going… i think i need to reevaluate my running route in west hollywood, I tend to get stuck within a few key busy streets that i don’t like to bother crossing. or maybe i’ll just start running in santa monica more, since the sun is disappearing earlier anyway.
  • finally went to canter’s deli. we split some delicious matzo ball soup and reubens (leftovers for lunch today, yum). (by the way, is it weird that we got saltines with our matzo ball soup?)
  • followed by a game of scrabble (i lost, but had a good a-m-e-o-b-a + l-i-b-i-d-o combination) and a few rounds of set, forgot how incredibly fun and addictive that game is.


photo of the day


  • yummy egg-and-whatever-leftovers-are-in-the-fridge scrambles
  • planned on going to the red bull soapbox race, but it just didn’t happen. probably better, since it was close to 100 degrees downtown. instead i whipped up smitten kitchen’s cheesecake marbled brownies (i just couldn’t resist any more). they are amazing. though my swirls weren’t quite as beautiful as deb’s.
  • headed to barney’s beanery for the penn state/iowa game. pretty awesome that it’s within walking distance, and just so happens to be the penn state bar (with a 25% discount for alums, whee!) awesome atmosphere (complete with citizen’s bank buttons!), but the game was shitty. ugh. iowa is officially our nemesis.
  • natalie finally made it from san diego for the end of the game, and then we went home to “nap” before getting up at 2am for our sleepover in hollywood forever cemetery and the sunrise Bon Iver show…


photo of the day




  • we got to the cemetery and there were already a ton of people camped out, so we spread out our sleeping bags and nestled in for a showing of bottle rocket, planet earth, and (in my case) a little snoozing. a thick layer of fog rolled in around 4 or so, and hung around for the rest of the morning. at 5:30 we were ‘gently’ nudged awake by buddhist monk chants, and Bon Iver started their set around 6am. having a sunrise concert in a cemetery was seriously one of the best ideas ever, and made what would have been an already amazing concert even better. natalie took some great photos for pitchfork.
  • after swapping banana bread and brownies (score!), she headed back to san diego, i took another nap.
  • got up a few hours later for my swimming lesson!
  • urth cafe for some coffee, and then more napping. football. scrabble. did i mention napping? (seriously, how did i make it through school?)
  • made some golabki and called it a weekend.

365 | 091409
21 September 2009, 4:55 pm
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photo of the day

I have the fall bug. I get it every year. It’s my favorite season. I miss New England’s crunchy leaves, crisp air, apple crisp, apple pie, apple cider, apple picking. So I baked an apple pie to get a little fall fix.

And speaking of cider, thank you, Modern Hiker, for pointing out that Californians have a very skewed view of what apple cider is. I remember last year, in preparation for Thanksgiving, trying to find apple cider everywhere… and coming up short time and time again. As an east coaster, I’m baffled by this.


Thank you.

happy birthday elvis
8 January 2009, 9:13 pm
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I am sad that I missed these. Image via laist.com.