Bjarke Ingels: 3 warp-speed architecture tales
23 November 2009, 8:50 am
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A little Monday morning eye candy.


365 | 100709: palimpsest
19 October 2009, 2:35 pm
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photo of the day

Laundromats that spell “laundromat” correctly apparently go out of business. Those that don’t, however, don’t.

weekend recap
16 October 2009, 12:21 pm
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A long overdue weekend recap, indeed. It’s been a very hectic week since I got back on Sunday night. Last weekend, George and I both headed east, though he to Boston and I to Philadelphia for Amy and Paul’s wedding (splitting the wedding “duties” kind of sucks, especially since half the fun of going to a wedding is going with your own significant other. I’m still bummed that out of the four weddings we had in October, I was/am sadly only able to make it to one… I wanted to go to them all!) Anyway, it turned out to be an awesome studio reunion and I’m really glad I made the effort to go. Unsurprisingly I am still editing photos, so stay tuned for those…


  • after work i went to cvs to get some new travel-size refills (by the way, gone are the days with only one choice of travel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion! the travel section practically has its own aisle now!), then headed home to pack before going to the airport. made it for my 11:30pm flight on midwest airlines (?), and immediately regretted the decision to save $100 and connect at 5am in milwaukee… which is only a 3 hour flight/nap from LAX. eesh. luckily, in addition to making flying less stressful, zanax also makes sleeping really easy, so I pretty much passed out until I…


  • woke up in milwaukee, where it was FREEZING! 34 degrees! after a layover (where I found an incredible cow tipping magnet), they made us go outside to board at 7:00am, then it was another quick 1.5 hour nap before landing in philadelphia.
  • katie and tony picked my tired self up at the airport and we headed straight for dunkin donuts (whee!!). after some coffee and flatbread sandwiches, they dropped me off at the hotel where i quickly showered and got ready before they picked me up again to head to the church.
  • i’d almost forgotten what a straight up, traditional catholic wedding was like, but this was it. the ceremony was lovely, and the church was beautiful too. our architect-filled row was rather amusing, as we all were dressed in shades of black and grey, aside from tom’s red tie and my mustard-colored clutch. what can I say, old habits never die.
  • the reception was held at the merion tribute house, which looked eerily like greystone mansion! It was a great venue, lots of dancing, photos, and fun. except when the CHAcolate bar (read: cha wedding) wedding favors disappeared at the end of the night… doh! I was so excited about dunkin donuts that I forgot about the possibility of consuming yuengling! sure enough though, there it was. like I said, old habits never die :)
  • shuttled back to the hotel (I transported the mini scrabble cake for the honeymoon suite) where we hung out in the hotel bar and another suite. honestly, I was surprised that I lasted so late, but the combination of good company + alcohol kind of makes that possible.


  • woke up early to meet most of the crew for a buffet brunch, before saying our goodbyes to amy and paul, who were taking care of some last minute things before honeymooning in costa rica.
  • checked out of the hotel and drove over to manayunk with katie and tony. i oogled at semi colorful leaves and bricks and cobblestones (never in my life did I think I could miss brick!). then we got some delicious apple pie chai lattes and browsed in some antique stores, drooling over the old cameras and funky trinkets. i picked up another cigar box and some stray letterpress letters that i’m planning to use as stamps (until, you know, i buy a letterpress). high-fived at least 3 different steelers fans walking down the street, which tony (an eagles fan) definitely did not approve of.
  • headed back to the airport in a daze, boarded the plane in a daze, and landed in pittsburgh ready for a longer flight/nap to la. watched some football, generally enjoyed the skymall. i must say that pittsburgh still has one of the biggest airport malls that I’ve seen- always good for killing some time.
  • landed late in la, shuttled to the car and drove home to pretty much collapse in bed.

map 001: antarctica
30 September 2009, 1:25 pm
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“MAP (Manual of Architectural Possibilities) is a publication of research and visions; research into territories, which can be concrete or abstract, but always put into question. Map is not a magazine (it only has two pages) and is not a book (it is issued twice a year). Map presents itself as a folded poster (A1) where information is immediate, dense and objective in one side, and architectural and subjective on the other. Map is a guide to potential actions in the built environment, a folded encyclopedia of the possible, a topography of ideas, or a poster on the wall.”

365 | 092009
21 September 2009, 11:24 pm
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photo of the day

Sunday afternoon on Larchmont. I never thought such a standard building material such as brick would catch my eye as much as it does today. LA sure does heart stucco.

365 | 090909
17 September 2009, 4:39 pm
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photo of the day

I love the materials and typography of this facade, and for that reason alone it was on my list of sushi places to try. Except it closed.

The 09.09.09 photo should have been a bit more inspired, but

thinking architecture
25 August 2009, 11:00 pm
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“We spent years developing the concept, the form, the working drawings of our stone-built thermal baths. Then construction began. I was standing in front of one of the first blocks that the masons had built in stone from a nearby quarry. I was surprised and irritated. Although everything corresponded exactly with our plans, I had not expected this concurrent hardness and softness, this smooth yet rugged quality, this iridescent gray-green presence emanating from the square stone blocks. For a moment, I had the feeling that our project had escaped us and become independent because it had evolved into a material entity that obeyed its own laws.”

-Peter Zumthor, Thinking Architecture

I’ve definitely had a similar experience seeing built works; materials seem to take on a life of their own, which is pretty incredible. This was a really excellent and enjoyable book (not to mention a very fast read). My only criticism was that it was a collection of essays/lectures- each simple, succinct and poetic, but sometimes unsatisfying. The “Teaching Architecture, Learning Architecture” essay is also a favorite. It’s challenging to remember life before architecture school, how your first project was presented to you, what you brought from your own background, how you began, how you might communicate to a new student.

One of these days I’ll make it to one of his buildings.