to do: january
8 January 2010, 12:36 am
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In considering some yearly goals, I may have gotten a little overambitious with the monthly ones. But I must say, I really like making monthly lists… and posting them seems to hold me at least semi-accountable for them.

  • update portfolio
  • make lofty photobloglistwebsiteetc-ish goal more achievable
  • budget for yoga (time and $)
  • find a 10k, start a training schedule
  • work on 30/30 list
  • pay a visit to h&r block to learn about contractor taxes
  • do an electronic purge- rss reader, email listserves, facebook, iphone apps
  • keep a log of ‘free time’ activities (in an effort to see where it all goes)
  • complete 5 of keri smith’s ‘100 ideas

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good liest, especially the last two…i’ve been meaning to do keri’s list forever now.

and getting to bed [early] seems to be the toughest one out of them all.

Comment by katie

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