weekend recap: snow, socks, & spring cleaning
6 January 2010, 11:55 pm
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The first weekend of the year was, well, exhausting and kinda productive. Luckily it was tacked onto the end of a relaxing holiday in PA, and I still had a few days at home before having to go back to work. A vacation after a vacation = always necessary.

I woke up super early on New Years eve and drove to the airport in a snowstorm with my dad, first stopping by for a brief breakfast visit with my friend Amy. Meeting up with her before my return flight is turning into a great tradition. After a pretty hellish day of travel (PIT to DEN to PHX to LAX- please remind me NOT to even consider three-leg trips in the future- what was I thinking?!), I finally got back to LA and shed my winter coat. We had plans to go out with some friends, but after I showered and sat down for a minute, I could barely keep my eyes open. Champagne toasts and cuddling wasn’t such a bad way to ring in a new decade.

On New Years Day we on the watched the Capital One Bowl (Penn State v. LSU, PSU wins with a late field goal 19-17) and hung out with Nathan and Jackie. They told us all about their wedding a few days earlier, and we were really sad we couldn’t be there to share it with them. Looking forward to the after party they’re hoping to have in the summer.

Then, it all began with new socks. George pulled out his sock drawer and started tossing old worn ones. I pulled out my sock drawer and began sifting. Opened the underwear drawer. More tossing. Before we knew it, we were both knee deep in clothes, shoes, and other random crap that that we were ready to part with.

Before we knew it, we had cleaned out and re-organized our whole closet and started on the storage closet and the kitchen cupboards. By weekend’s end, we were so stoked to have a very clean, very pared-down, very organized apartment. G is an incredible force in parting with things, the perfect match to my usual packrat self. We wholeheartedly agreed that it was a fabulous way to start the new year… we may have created a new tradition!

Other weekendings included de-decorating the tree (sad), going for a run, and christening our new dutch oven with lucky pork & sauerkraut- a Pennsylvania Dutch tradition.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!


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