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21 December 2009, 12:44 pm
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my apologies, as of late the blog has been all weekend recaps. I guess I really haven’t made time for much more, and they are easy to write. :) while I know you are just DYING to know how I spend my weekends, that’s pretty lame! that said, here’s another one… full of eggnog, new toys, and super mario bros!


  • got home from work, packaged up some of the peppermint bark and made royal icing for our gingerbread house mortaring.
  • had our holiday dinner w/ nathan and jackie before our small gingerbread house party, which was really fun! baking the gingerbread pieces the night before was a good idea, even though it was rather time-consuming. after talking to my mom, she told me that we used to make them with graham crackers, which is kind of brilliant! even though everyone made fun of me for buying WAY too much decorating candy, it was awesome to have such a, shall we say, varied material palette. :) after a few rounds of wall constructing/munching/roof constructing/munching/decorating, we finally set up our old school nintendo and were pleasantly surprised that it actually worked! AND mario brothers is still amazing. remember the warp zones? secret vines? spit balls?!?!
  • after our guests left, we poured ourselves some eggnog and nestled in by the tree for some gift exchanging. yay!


  • slept in, made some breakfast, started cleaning up our unwrappings, and got ready to take g to the airport.
  • just as we were about to leave the house, we saw online that the chicago-boston leg had been cancelled! we started to get in the car while he called the airline, just in case, and miraculously within 5 minutes, they rescheduled him for the next day. totally impressive.
  • luckily, I was still able to make it to iyengar yoga in santa monica like I had planned, but getting across the city on a saturday reminded me how just frustrating LA can be. and, it only got worse as we drove out to mira loma to meet natalie, evan, and my new camera! what should have been about an hour trip turned into over two hours, but we finally made it. ate lots of wings and watched the kind of insane saints-cowboys game with the world’s most annoying woman. after EVERY play, she would scream/whistle in this incredibly high pitched voice. arrg earplugs, please!
  • bummed we had to cancel our plans to see up in the air, but there was no way we could have made it back in time. we picked up a last minute christmas gift at target, since it was right there, and then headed back to LA.
  • drooled over the camera for a few minutes, then watched wall-e [a birthday gift!] and drank more eggnog :)


  • take two for getting george to boston. this time his flight[s] were a go, but the airport was [unsurprisingly] insanely crowded. thankfully he made it, and he was on his way to cold weather.
  • came home and started a massive cleaning and laundry feat + football. caught up on photos. started reading about/playing with the camera… eek, I have a lot to learn!
  • went to gallery 1988 to check out the lost exhibit (at steve‘s not-so-gentle nudging), and they were closing, but I got lucky that there was a woman buying one of the pieces, so I got to look around briefly while that was going on.
  • MORE eggnog and pizelles with nathan and jackie.

3. more. days.


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good luck with the camera, and you’re making me want to get eggnog after work ;)

Comment by katie

i really like the Silk brand Soy-Nog… which sounds disgusting, but is incredible.

Comment by shana

you guys should come over for some nog! maybe i’ll even pick up some soy-nog, shana.

i feel gross typing that.

Comment by fiveftfour

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