november recap
3 December 2009, 11:49 am
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11.22 photo of the day : sunday silhouette

Hmm, let’s see how my month played out…

  • continue running/training for another race to improve my pace. Decided to not sign up for the christmas run this weekend, and instead just try to increase my mileage by running 2-3 times per week, which has been pretty successful so far. Honestly, if I can keep this up through the holiday season, I will be more than happy. I think my loose plan will be to train for a 10k starting in Jan, and look ahead to the LA half marathon on Oct 24.
  • practice more yoga. Hmm, I made it to two yoga studios, with some pilates thrown in there. I still would like to aim for at least once a week. Does anyone have any good yoga podcast recommendations?
  • hike solstice canyon. Yes!
  • start the ball rolling for 2010 high school and college reunions (?!) Started a FB group for a possible college reunion next spring, to coincide w/ final thesis reviews and the SALA centennial party.
  • renew passport, in hopes of actually using it in 2010. Ummm.. G and I will both do it before we go east for Christmas!
  • decide one way or another about getting architecture license reciprocity in CA. I decided against pursuing this now… at least until I have a better idea if we’ll be staying in California. Fighting with the MA board + NCARB about not needing ‘certification’ for CA reciprocity is just too much headache.
  • co-host the second annual 1035 thanksgiving! Yes!
  • cook one “classic” dish from joy of cooking per week. I made a few dishes and baked some bread… the book is big! Thanksgiving kind of nudged its way in there :)
  • sew or knit at least one project. Finished knitting a cowl and a shrug and sewing a table runner, and started a few other projects. There is never enough time for making stuff around this time of year!
  • begin a ‘things to do before thirty’ list. Started it. Was hoping to debut it on Dec 1, but maybe more like Jan 1…
  • find a way to give back. Think I found a few ways.

Hello December!


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Leave a comment is good…lots of free 20 minute classes, dave farmar will kick your ass, and amazing yoga with sean and karen has a pretty good 30 minute workout – hope this helps!

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