weekend recap: thanksgiving
2 December 2009, 11:37 am
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Thought I posted this on Monday. Hehe. Thanksgiving was a success- the six of us had an excellent time cooking, baking, talking, eating…  G & I dragged our table into the living room, then set up a buffet in the ‘dining room’, aka where the table is normally. Whatever, you’ve gotta make do with what you have, right? After a fun meal, we took a stroll to the movie store, rented Coraline and Away We Go, and came back for dessert and some sleepy movie watching. I even managed to finish sewing the festive table runner I started the night before!

Some other highlights from the weekend:

  • a friday at-home happy hour of wine, cheese, and grapes +  gin rummy
  • a few craft store runs to gather some christmas gift ingredients
  • catching up on photo editing- check out the seattle set here and photos from our solstice canyon hike here
  • watching a thrilling steelers game (despite the loss, dennis dixon played pretty well under pressure)
  • hanging out with a friend visiting from DC
  • baking yummy herb whole wheat bread with the massive amount of fresh herbs we had left over (rosemary, sage, thyme + nutmeg)
  • a lot of errands
  • a lot of leftovers

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i loved away we go, although thought coraline was a bit too creepy to be marketed as a kids movie.

and your menu sounds delicious – maybe i’ll just plan my LA visit over next thanksgiving ;)

Comment by katie

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