weekend recap
9 November 2009, 12:14 pm
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  • trader joes run after work. low key night hanging out/cooking with george. per usual, I was exhausted from the week and fell asleep super early. :) definitely becoming a friday tradition…


  • woke up early, early enough to catch the end of college gameday (hooray kirk)! during that I finally finished seaming the bolero, sewed in all the ends, and also fixed a hole in the ugly socks I made awhile ago, so I can finally call those finished. washed and blocked them both. ready for a new project…
  • george made a yummy spicy potato latke-egg-salsa breakfast with our leftovers from friday’s dinner.
  • watched the penn state-ohio state game with ohio state fan nathan. overall depressing and boring, ugh. and oregon lost too! well, at least notre dame lost…
  • after that, jackie and I went to check out the ymca in hollywood. I really liked it actually, aside from all the basics they have a pool (with adult swim lessons), racquetball, and a good number of yoga classes, and she definitely liked it for the childcare. considering I am working in santa monica, and moving there is definitely a possibility, I’m trying to figure out if it is easy to transfer, etc. it’s hard to rationalize joining a gym when it is possible to exercise outdoors all year, but I definitely miss being able to just go zone out on the elliptical with a magazine/tv.
  • then we went to the beverly center to cash in on victoria’s secret november biofit bra discount (thanks angel card!). I ended up splurging on a bare escentuals ‘kit’ at sephora after realizing one foundation was as 1/2 as much as a kit. tsk tsk tsk.
  • got home and the boys had decided to order pizza (after no pressuring from us, of course).


  • up early for the race for research- my first 5k! i was very pleased with my results- I certainly didn’t set any records but I met my goal of running the whole thing. yay! realized my nike+ is not calibrated correctly, finishing my 5k at 4.3k? so I guess that means I’ve been running farther than I thought. look forward to keeping it up.
  • brunch nearby at bistro du soleil in playa vista. very yummy rancheros, and delicious coffee.
  • quick stop at the good beer store in marina del rey before heading back home so george could watch the pats (while I napped happily).
  • I realized I picked up the wrong size bra, and decided to go exchange it… only to get to the mall and realize that I didn’t have my license (which apparently VS needs for an exchange- even after raising hell w/ the manager). arg. I had also been wanting to go jeans shopping, so I did that instead. in the midst of doing that, I found a pair of dark grey ankle boots that I loved at ann taylor- and decided to splurge, knowing I could return them (seriously, wtf is wrong with me!?). went home and got my license (+george) and went back to have dinner and exchange. on a whim we walked into aldo and I saw ANOTHER pair of ankle boots that was 1/2 the price and I decided I liked even more- and is easier to walk in! so excited to get a pair of boots that I can actually wear w/ skirts and pants- my ‘muscular’ calves aren’t very conducive to many tall boots :)
  • longest day ever. went to bed at NINE! looking forward to a four day week- seattle here we come!

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good choice on the boots :) i totally approve – and speaking of shoes, i really need to find a good pair of basic flats… ;)

Comment by katie

hmm, palladium has some good flats- i got a 2 for 1 deal on the grey and black!
mosiac feet
found outside the ica

Comment by fiveftfour

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