weekend recap: halloweened out
2 November 2009, 12:17 pm
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whew, am i halloweened out. after thriller last weekend, i was barely ready for another weekend of halloween festivities, but somehow that’s what happened…


  • got home and ordered some chinese before heading over to nathan and jackie’s place for the 2nd annual 1035 pumpkin carving party. good times as always. i carved domo-kun = domo-kin. george stuck with his halloween theme, robot, and i think once again outcarved me. I guess he is the pumpkin carver in this relationship!
  • tried to work on my very unfinished costume, but was way too tired and fell asleep.


  • slept in (and boy did I need it) and finally finished my book.
  • literally all i did on saturday was construct my halloween costume, an ode to LA, despite the fact that I ALREADY HAD A ZOMBIE COSTUME. i get these ridiculous brainstorms for costumes and, well, you just gotta roll with it. i thought i’d be able to pull it off much faster, but I guess I’m out of practice. just wish I had started it earlier so I could add more detail, but it turned out alright. we just barely made it to our friends costume party, and had a great time. one total design flaw is that I couldn’t actually DRINK in it. choke! luckily george got pretty good at ‘feeding me,’ and it was a pretty amusing game for the rest of the people at the party. ha! the only bummer of the evening was that we didn’t have enough time to check out the west hollywood carnaval in our own neighborhood. oh well!


  • woke up to a living room disaster of chipboard, duct tape, scraps, and trace and was immediately transported to studio.. haha.
  • I was supposed to go to make up swim lesson but it ended up being canceled at the last minute. frustrating.
  • after we cleaned up the tornado, we went to the farmers market, then came home for some relaxing.
  • caught up on my photos from the past week, roasted some pumpkin seeds and watched the vikings/packers game. despite everything, i still love brett favre!
  • got some sushi for dinner and watched some of the world series. i’m not a phillies fan, but i’m also definitely not a yankees fan and I was bummed to see them blow their lead. tried to go to bed early but not really sure what happened. need to make more of an effort to get to bed ‘on time’ on sunday nights to start off the week on a good note.

needless to say, i’m ready for november!


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