3/4 of 2009
2 October 2009, 10:53 am
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my number one goal for the month is to be content with where i am and what i am doing. that doesn’t mean i can’t strive for things and challenge myself. this just means that i need to not be so intent on getting someWHERE. this post on mnmlist has had me thinking, and with a few reminders lately that life is short, i’m going to do all i can to enjoy the ride. so, i want to:

make more connections/friendships with people.

create. be it knitting, blogging, photographing, cooking, writing, etc. these things make me incredibly happy and excited.

learn one new thing.

find ways of enjoying fall on the west coast. remind myself to take a trip to the sierras in no cal next year (+ check to see how long the leaves are around this year, if possible).

take advantage of my week of free yoga pass. check out the ymca.

run as much as possible, in training for my first 5k in early nov. ack!

“master” the freestyle in swimming. by master i mean, do a lap or two. hehe.

carve a badass pumpkin.


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pumpkins! hooray!

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