september recap
30 September 2009, 12:48 pm
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i know i say it every month, but wow, it really flew by! it’s been a challenging month.


i’m getting there on this one, and super excited! i’ve overcome my fear of actually getting my face in the water, which was of course a big obstacle. i am trying to sustain my exhaling underwater, and learning to time my breathing with kicking. i’ve got one more make up session (hopefully i can get a full freestyle down?), and i want to see if i can continue lessons.

eat less/smarter.

definitely have been trying to eat smaller portions, and only allowing myself 1 (ok, sometimes 2) lazy lunch days (aka eating out). i would like to find some new lunch options (that don’t require a microwave or fridge, that’s the tricky part).

prep for the gre. commit to/craft a schedule for applying to ucla’s program. research others.

big fail on this one. not sure what my plan is, but i’m ok with it simmering for now.

tackle the remainder of photo archiving/snow leopard installation.

photo archiving is done, snow leopard is ready to go.

energize. aim to get 8 hours of sleep. research vitamins i should be taking. finally find a pcp.

i found/scheduled an appt with a new doctor in la (isn’t it the worst to try to find new doctors blindly?) still pretty tired generally though.

make more money. strategize on how to do this.

um, nope. still coasting along…

be. relax more.

i think i’m doing alright with this (especially considering i didn’t do very well with p or m goals) but maybe george would have a different opinion :)

eliminate blank, boring walls.

yes! still some work to be done here, but definitely a start. i just need to let the perfectionist in me go sometimes, hehe

run. find/sign up for a 5k, begin a training program.

i’ve been running only a few times a week, but definitely feeling stronger and running longer. i was going to try for a turkey trot 5k, but instead i’m going to sign up signed up for the race for research (brain tumor research) on nov 8. it’s a little too soon probably, but it is a good, close to home cause, and i figure the added motivation will only help me. and if i have make it a run/walk, it’s not the end of the world.

overall, not too bad for a long list of goals for the month.


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i bet you’d be ready for that 5k – i think the added motivation will help you to run further than you had been [i know it did for me for both races]!

Comment by katie

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