weekend recap
14 September 2009, 11:25 am
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  • people watching/browsing at 3rd street promenade
  • scored a bunch of cigar boxes that i want to hang/use for frames (i’ve been harassing cigar shops for awhile, but they always seem to be out). also funny because earlier in the day i was contemplating how i could make some wooden box frames without access to a woodshop (any ideas?).
  • picked up g at the airport from his last interview in san fran- whew!
  • we were both pretty exhausted from the week, so we ditched our movie plan and caught up on project runway.


  • woke up early and debated what to do with the day over cinnamon french toast.
  • outlet shopping won out.
  • made it home for the osu v. usc game w/ nathan, which turned out to be a thrilling game. and probably the only time i’ll be backing ohio state.
  • running at halftime, chinese for dinner. mmm. more football- oregon (the team george and i both randomly love)!


  • first swimming lesson! i did alright, though i’m still not comfortable putting my face in the water, and it’s really holding me up. i am going to practice blowing bubbles in the sink this week :) my instructor is nice/funny though (despite the fact that he goes to usc)- i was afraid i was going to get the “mean” woman who was not very patient with her own adult learner.
  • melrose farmers market. i beelined for the heavenly nectarines and pluots that were so amazing last week, some apples for a pie, and fresh flowers. was delighted to find out from oscar the coffee guru that the market is open year round! whee! possible adrian grenier sighting, can’t be sure though.
  • brunch at basix cafe. decided that it was another good-not-great brunch place in the ‘hood. (oh, johnny d’s, how i love thee blintzes and jazz!)
  • caught some of the afternoon football game/u.s. open (with a nap on the couch)
  • procrastinated working w/ cleaning. seems to be a common theme with me.
  • baked an apple pie. the fuji apples were a little too sweet, but there were no granny smiths at the market, oh well. still delicious. shredded while it was baking.
  • went to bed ‘early’ in hopes of finishing my book, but fell a little short.

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oh i miss johnny d’s blintzes and jazz too! sounds like a good weekend though – you guys always seem much more productive than tony and i ;)

Comment by katie

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