2/3 of 2009
1 September 2009, 2:19 pm
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Bye bye August…you were fun. Welcome, September. Things I hope to do this month:

swim. yes, i signed up for swimming lessons at the weho pool! not sure if three half-hour sessions are going to get it done, but it is a start.

eat less/smarter. smaller portions in general. work on cooking on the fly instead of always following a recipe. continue farmers market challenges.

prep for the gre (ugh). commit to/craft a schedule for applying to ucla’s program. research others.

tackle the remainder of photo archiving/snow leopard installation.

energize. aim to get 8 hours of sleep. research vitamins i should be taking. finally find a pcp. be on time.

make more money. strategize on how to do this.

be. relax more. i really have a hard time with this, football season helps though :)

(edit) eliminate blank, boring walls. hang stuff in/make stuff for the apartment, stop waiting for the day we move to a new place.

run. find/sign up for a 5k, begin a training program. if i could ever breathe outside/get rid of my headache, arg. maybe i should suck it up and finally join a gym.

there are a lot of e’s in s-e-p-t-e-m-b-e-r. maybe these are more like fall goals than september goals.


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i can’t believe it is september, either… you have quite an ambitious month ahead of you! :) sounds great!

Comment by shana

i think your goals are even more ambitious than mine are haha. good luck though, especially with the swimming :)

Comment by katie

um, yeah, i think they might be a little too ambitious, frankly. i felt stressed out about it this morning… not a very good start to ‘b’. p and r scare me. well, s scares me too.

Comment by fiveftfour

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