weekend recap
31 August 2009, 1:56 pm
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  • ventured to the apple store to pick up a copy of snow leopard, after finding out that i wouldn’t need to buy the $150 box set to upgrade from tiger! hoping this clean install will extend the life of my laptop for a few more years… macs seem to get so full/sluggish so quickly (i didn’t say that).
  • finn mccool’s with nathan and rose.
  • picked george up at lax. i’m getting to be a pro at airport pickup.


  • blueberry and raspberry pancakes. there is a reason raspberries don’t make it into pancakes very often- they are so tart! george likes flat, thin pancakes and i like mine super fluffy, which means whoever is cooking wins out, hehe! how do you like yours?
  • organized / archived photos from 2006, 2007, and 2008- yikes. i would like to post some older photos to flickr, but we’ll see- just organizing is battle enough. 2009 is looming, i’ve taken a lot more photos this year than past years.
  • finally saw the palm pre at the grove (it comes down today). looks so different among the trees than at the americana where it was out in the open.
  • oogled at fun kitchen things in crate and barrel, then loteria for a quick bite before seeing district 9. i wasn’t that excited to see it, but it had really incredible visual effects and under all the aliens, a political message that wasn’t too overdone.


  • decided to try out the melrose place farmers market. to our pleasant surprise, it was much less crowded than our usual hollywood farmers market- and we can WALK there, gasp! on a normal, not-so-sweltering day, it would be fantastic. i’m pretty bad about buying more than we can manage to eat before the fruits and veggies go bad, so knowing we had to walk back with our goods helped (i.e. no watermelons). we found the world’s largest avocado- almost the size of a grapefruit. ok, maybe an orange. but still!
  • laundry, whee!
  • mimosas and snacks with nathan and jackie (including guacamole from the aforementioned avocado).
  • tshirt shopping at the new goodwill. george had some good finds, but no cute dresses, bummer. wanted to hit up some more thrift stores on fairfax but we ran out of time.
  • dinner at gordon ramsay at the london- my first michelin star restaurant! we were celebrating george’s successful first year (his parent’s treat, score!).  i even curled my hair, wtf is wrong with me? i’d give it an 8.25/10. the problem with going to such a well-regarded, well-reviewed restaurant is that you expect impeccable food- and a lot of it was (lobster risotto, foie gras, olive oil gelato, mmm).
  • and last but not least… finally finished the baby booties and packaged them up for michelle. hooray!

things i wanted to do but did not do:

  • yoga, running, or shred. eep! does a lot of walking count?
  • trader joe’s.
  • fabric shopping for the dining chair covers i want to make.
  • wash the car.

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