weekend recap
15 June 2009, 12:14 pm
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a busy but relaxing weekend. the best kind. highlights:


  • hosea sighting! i was grabbing a chai tea latte before a meeting at the grove when in walks hosea (top chef) with his parents! aw! he’s clearly a ‘new’ celebrity because he made eye contact with me and i decided to jump on the chance. “hosea! how are ya?” “haha, super!” he replied. he seems like a really nice guy. as i walked out i heard him say to his parents, “ah, that happens to me all the time now.” hehe. too bad it wasn’t fabio.
  • pens won the stanley cup in a thrilling game 7! i had a bad feeling about the game, but they managed to pull it off. as a side note, mario lemieux looks great in his 40’s! oh la la!


  • lazy relaxing morning, some tiny baby bootie knitting from leftover malabrigo (one almost finished!).
  • walkabout downtown. olvera street/el pueblo first stop. parts of downtown la are really vibrant and lively, but others are just DEAD. i guess that’s what happens when everything is so spread out. density=good.
  • yummy carnitas and horchata lunch at las morelianas in grand central market. no churros though, sad.
  • morphosis caltrans building- i love stumbling across buildings by good architects i didn’t know existed.
  • great neutra exhibit at the la public library, seriously amazing sketches. g had to drag me outta there. pencil+watercolor = good.
  • father’s office II for pre-movie beers and burgers (incredible burgers and an amazing beer selection on tap, i had an allagash brewed with chardonnay grapes).
  • “up” in culver city. the public square there is so cute, reminded us of davis square, complete with copper life-sized people! in the end i thought wall-e was better than up, but it is still a fantastic pixar movie.


  • woken by sound checks for la pride parade. and the sun! hooray!
  • la pride festivities. general craziness/fabulousness.  seriously cut men on firetrucks.  mayor villaraigosa hilariously unbuttoning his shirt to appeal to the gay community (good for him). i’ll post photos tonight.
  • frozen yogurt w/ n&j to celebrate jackie’s graduation; general ignorance of lakers nba win.

i’m ready for another!


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your weekend sounds much more productive than mine ;) tony and i kept talking about seeing “up” but never actually made it – maybe this coming weekend.

Comment by katie

sounds like fun! i like your flickr pics, too.

Comment by shanalines

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