no sunglasses needed
3 June 2009, 11:48 am
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5/12 of 2009 is gone?

I’m dreaming about thunderstorms today, and stumbled upon this gorgeous photo from Lucas Janin on flickr. It has been threatening to rain on Los Angeles for the past week, with cool temps and no sunglasses needed. Seriously, I didn’t realize how often I wore my sunglasses until this past week! And I sortofalmostmaybe am starting to understand why Angelenos get excited about rain. Almost.

In fact, the weather forecast is better for PA this weekend than LA!  It has become an annual June tradition to head to PA for my mom’s birthday, opposite the holidays for convenient biannual visits.  I’m looking forward to little bit of time away, and oddly, time on the plane. It is somehow easier to gain perspective from the air.


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ooh, i got my thunder!! no rain though.

Comment by fiveftfour

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