kobe and the cup
27 May 2009, 8:44 pm
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Begin rant:

I cannot fully express how much Kobe Bryant irks me. Unfortunately for me, the Lakers are one of the only teams that Angelenos get excited about, but I cannot, cannot, be a fan. I can’t watch a game without bitching about him, yelling at the TV, or making whiney faces back at him. I am wholeheartedly routing for the Lakers to lose so I don’t have to see his pouty, I-throw-temper-tantrums-on-the-court, try-to-draw-fouls-with-a-9-point-lead-with-two-seconds-left, did I mention whiney, face anymore.

End rant.

But, hey, the Pens are headed to the Stanley Cup Finals! Woot!


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doesn’t sidney crosby do the exact same thing? hahha

Comment by shyofnormal

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