vegas is gold
25 May 2009, 10:21 pm
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I never really had a burning desire to go to Vegas, but it’s something you’ve gotta do, right? Especially since I realized I hadn’t been to Nevada and it is now possible to drive there in less than 5 hours! Lessons learned:

-Vegas is gold. Seriously. It’s blinding. Especially Trump Tower.

-Possibly a better time to visit is in the winter. Less daylight = more lights on the Strip, more time for choreographed Bellagio fountains, and slightly-less-stifling heat. Probably just as much smoke though.

-Public transportation is better than LA’s, but much more expensive. And, it takes MUCH longer to walk anywhere on the Strip than you think.

-Driving in the desert is incredibly liberating, and CA is way more mountainous than I realize.

-0% of the power generated by Hoover Dam goes to Vegas, but 56% percent of it goes to Southern CA.

-Relaxing by the pool all day with a beverage and a breeze is sometimes just what you need.

-Lugging a jar of change for a little gambling is perfectly okay. Until you realize that slot machines no longer take coins. WTF?

-Be careful when scratching your nose in a casino, someone nearby thinks you want to buy drugs.

-How have I gone this long without seeing Cirque du Soleil? I think my jaw was in my lap for an hour straight it was so amazing. But not as amazing as the Chicken and Waffles at Bouchon. Seriously. And our waiter looked and acted like John Malkovich, which made for a hilariously entertaining brunch.


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sounds like vegas was awesome! definitely jealous of your relaxing by the pool and going to bouchon – need to go to the bakery here one of these days.

Comment by katie

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