i am on recess
25 February 2009, 12:56 pm
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via jingc.tumblr.com, via NYT:

Recess is Crucial

New research suggests that play and down time may be as important to a child’s academic experience as reading, science and math, and that regular recess, fitness or nature time can influence behavior, concentration and even grades. The reason may be that the brain uses two forms of attention. “Directed” attention allows us to concentrate on work, reading and tests, while “involuntary” attention takes over when we’re distracted by things like running water, crying babies, a beautiful view or a pet that crawls onto our lap. Directed attention is a limited resource. Long hours in front of a computer or studying for a test can leave us feeling fatigued. But spending time in natural settings appears to activate involuntary attention, giving the brain’s directed attention time to rest.

Lunchtime = adult recess.


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This is absolutely true. But I prefer a blend of attentions, which I euphemistically call “multi-tasking.”

Comment by sethclarkeyouroldfriendfromyouroldjobandneighborhood

sethclarkemystillfriendfrommyoldjobandoldneighborhood, imissyourmickeymouseearheadphonesandourthisamericanlifechatter.

Comment by fiveftfour

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