happy new year
6 January 2009, 9:09 am
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I’m a little behind, I know. Getting back to LA late on New Year’s Eve + going to the Rose Bowl on the 1st delayed my acceptance of the new year. We made pork + sauerkraut (a lucky pa dutch new years day tradition) on Saturday, and I got the 365 photo project going too. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have graduated to (read: afforded) a DSLR.  Shana and I are also thinking about a diptych collaboration.

Also, I got some good news about a part time job (on an as-need basis) with the understanding that I will continue to search and interview for something more permanent. Can’t complain about that. More importantly, the apartment now has heat (no more 5 layers and being excited about the oven at dinnertime!), and we scored some more free street furniture. Seriously, WeHo is incredible like that. I choose my running streets wisely. Who needs a gym when you can haul furniture home?


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hooray for photos!!!

what is the job?

Comment by shanalines

it’s an archie job- a one-woman practice.

Comment by fiveftfour

Congrats on the job! Although I guess that means no more dino tattoos on your face…

Comment by Natalie

dammit i didn’t think about that. i might have to reconsider.

Comment by fiveftfour

congrats on the part-time job…something is better than nothing. also like your 365 photo project – i always feel like i need to take more photos. my nice camera hasn’t been used in years :(

Comment by katie

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