pennsylvania bound
17 December 2008, 12:58 am
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Well, 2008 is drawing to a close.

I somehow feel like I’m going home to PA tomorrow in defeat.  I was really hoping something would come of my interview yesterday.  I tried not to psych myself up too much. But something felt different- big firm, work in a variety of market sectors, an excellent word put in for me- and I managed to get excited anyway.

So when I heard the oh-so-familiar “we aren’t actively hiring” prefacing the interview, I was crushed. Why can’t firms tell you this before you schlep yourself and your A-game in there?  I feel awful for the people that travel much longer distances to these places just to hear that Firm X is only scouting for some day in the distant future when another project comes along. Hopefully 2009 will bring better days.

In the meantime, I have been busy making things for friends and family, doing my best to challenge myself, and am generally enjoying life outside of the professional world.  It’s funny, this is the other half to my previously unbalanced life, but life as a whole is still unbalanced.

I can’t complain. I’m doing my best to take it all in stride, and look at the bigger picture. I mean, at what other point could I take a two week hiatus to snowy Pennsylvania, right? Ha.


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ROAD TRIP TO BOSTON! i dare you.

Comment by shanalines

and you could always stop in nyc on the way to boston ;)

Comment by katie

Oooooh. I love dares. And I am a driving queen.

Comment by Anonymous

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