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10 December 2008, 9:38 pm
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I love lists.

I have always loved lists, mostly because I am a dork.  When I was younger, my mom had a friend at the local newspaper make and print a bunch of “Stacey’s Lists” tablets for me, numbered 1-50.  In all colors.  Yeah, you’re jealous.

I make lists in my moleskine, in emails to myself, in ‘stickies’, on real post its, on scrap pieces of paper, on the fridge, and now in Google Tasks.  Sometimes I can’t go to bed without writing down what I have to do the next day.  I’ve found downloading on paper is a really a way for me to clear my head.  Lists range from immediate action type stuff, like “schedule xmas flight” or “buy rolling pin” to slightly longer term type stuff, like “research family tree” or “go to the Getty.”

I am inspired to make more lists.  In fact, I might make a list of lists to make.  Places to visit?  Things to accomplish before (age)?  Thoughts?


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You reminded me of the site – the major long term list.

Comment by hostfamily08

i keep lists of everything! i have lists of favorite quotes, movies, music, foods, pretty much anything. i have a bucket list of stuff i want to do before i die, a list of books i want to read, and a list of movies i want to see and own. every tuesday i make a new list of ten things (called ten things tuesday) that is a list of ten whatevers, things i’m thankful for, or just anything i want to list. i don’t think i would get anything done in my life if i didn’t make lists!

Comment by lazyllama27

as i read this post i realized that i, too, have many lists squirreled away… i attempted to clean my desk at work and it was semi-successful. i like the places to visit or things to accomplish before a certain time list… and also grocery shopping lists! i always forget to do those and end up hungry at the grocery store. that just leads to over buying..

Comment by shanalines

you should make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days…found it on some random blog, but seems like a good goal to have.

of course its on my to-do list ;) i’m good at making lists, not so good at actually doing the stuff on them haha.

Comment by katie

thanks everyone for your list of comments. i am even more inspired to make more lists- and do/eat/buy/accomplish the things on them!

Comment by fiveftfour

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