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19 November 2008, 1:40 pm
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If these interviews don’t pan out, let’s face it, I need another job.  So to keep it fun, I’m taking a poll and/or suggestions on what would be most enjoyable. Here is a start:

  • Coffeeshop barista
  • Whole Foods guru
  • Pizza maker
  • Bookstore extraordinaire
  • Hardware store hammerhead
  • Papyrus paperite
  • Aspiring actor (which would mean I would have one of these other jobs)
  • Wedding invitation designer
  • AutoCAD consultant
  • Dog walker
  • Beer brewer

I really just need this.


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Leaver beer brewing to the experts, please!

Comment by GMC

Stupid spelling.

Comment by GMC

my vote is for bookstore extraordinaire and / or wedding invitation designer. the bookstore extraordinaire part should be easy [hopefully?] around the holidays?

Comment by katie

What does a bookstore extraordinaire do? I could see it going one of two ways: you either sit in a big poufy lounge chair surrounded with piles of books which you read while eating caramels, separating them into separate piles of GOOD, NOT SO GOOD, and RAPTUROUS -or- you stock shelves and answer the occasional odd reference question. Which is it?

Comment by Seth

The bubble calendar is awessssssome.

I would go for aspiring actress who works at a bookstore and buys books made into movies with her employer discount.

You can also be a wedding invitation designer who uses autocad. Seriously, imagine that?

Comment by Elisha

i might vote for whole foods guru because of the potential employee discount, yet i also like the idea of wedding invitation designer as well… :)

Comment by shanalines

Beer brewer. Would that involve a long wooden paddle? In my mind it does…

Comment by Joan

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