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12 November 2008, 1:52 am
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Thanks to continued unemployment (sigh), I haven’t really gotten into a routine here in LA.  Thanks to the unchanging weather, it’s been fairly easy to remain oblivious to the passage of time and keep from getting too depressed.  Lately though, some mundane realizations have burst my bubble…

  • On my last flight from Boston, I found space for (4) 1lb bags of Dunkin Donuts coffee.  Now I’m down to my last bag.
  • We’ve elected a new president.
  • Starbucks has brought out their festive red cups and is making peppermint mochas to go in them.
  • A few days after we moved into our apartment, I dropped a board on my big toenail, resulting in a purple bruise.  Now it’s nearly grown out.
  • My birthday has appeared in google calendar.
  • My road-trip flip-flop tan is fading.
  • G is thinking about final exams already.
  • I can run farther than I could before.  Not saying much.
  • Friends are asking about holiday plans.
  • I know exactly how to maneuver into our tight parking spot.

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i would be happy to send you more dunkins– for your birthday!?!? i don’t have the date (oops)

you forgot one thing– NOW YOU ARE AN ARCHITECT!!

Comment by shanalines

hehe thanks! i learned that target also sells it!

it’s the first!

Comment by fiveftfour

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