15 October 2008, 1:46 am
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Quick thoughts before bed:

  • It’s officially wildfire season in California.  Strange, I feel the winds and see the news, but our sky remains clear blue…
  • I just saw a commercial with the Pink Panther advertising… insulation!  Almost as great as Boston’s furniture jingles (Bernie and Phyl-yls… Quality, Comfort, and Price, that’s nice!).
  • I think i got a bad haircut.  I can’t really tell yet.
  • Why does the economy suck so much?
  • Project Runway finale tomorrow!  Hoping Korto can make it work.
  • Found some great old speakers on the street today.  Debating how to finish them as end tables.
  • T-minus 3 weeks, and I’m officially electioned out.  I can only imagine how the swing states must feel.
  • That is all, book is calling…

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i’m pulling for leannimal.

Comment by shanalines

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