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13 October 2008, 1:14 am
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I dig this:

“Challenge yourself.  Challenge your body by boxing, biking, ballet, bowling, or bending over. Challenge your mind with chess, with calculus, Chaucer, chemistry, crossword puzzles, chinese poetry. Challenge your spirit at synagogue, at a sweat lodge, in silence, at the stupa, through sacrament, sacrifice.  When you become complacent, create new challenges. Challenge yourself to be more compassionate, more genuine. Challenge yourself to be less of a judge, less of a critic. Throw down your own gauntlet and challenge yourself. Do something harder, deeper, farther, faster. Move on to more complex, more intricate, more strenuous, more intellectual. Challenge yourself to be more human, more authentic, to be all you truly are.  Once you’ve reached a new place, challenge yourself all over again.”


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that sounds awesome. what is this from? or did you write it?

Comment by shanalines

It’s from a book I came across on google books called 365 Words of Well-Being for Women… The way it’s written reminds me of the Book of Qualities!

Comment by fiveftfour

I like that. Good advice.

Comment by Elisha

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