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1 October 2008, 11:46 pm
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okkervil river: the stand ins

sigur rós: með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

It’s been at least two years since I’ve purchased an actual, physical CD.  Downloading and purchasing songs, yes, but actually going to a music store?!  Lately though, I’ve been missing music, and Pandora just wasn’t cutting it.  Enter Amoeba.  Recently, the behemoth music store was voted the greatest thing about LA by LA Magazine.  Over Disneyland. Over the beach. Over the weather.

After happily browsing and splurging, I got back in the car (this is LA, remember) and it occurred to me that I don’t own a CD player that is not my laptop.  Except, that is, in the car.  How convenient.

Ahhh, LA just got a little better.


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Hadn’t realized that LA needed to be getting better.

I’m also pretty sure that they cd stores in other places. But I couldn’t actually prove that anymore.

Comment by GMC

Don’t get too comfy out there!

Comment by Joan

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